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Odigia provides assessments focused on bite-sized concepts, delivered to students as building blocks for true content mastery.

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What I value most is having control over providing feedback using the Odigia format. Feedback is a valuable learning tool that cannot be personalized with the instant computer feedback offered in some online practice tools. Read this Case Study
Sharilyn Owens

Mathematics Department Chair, Forsyth Technical Community College

I investigated a wide variety of options for the course, and I ultimately selected Odigia. I have been continuously impressed by its ease of use, for the course designer, instructors, and students. We were able to modify and enhance the OpenStax text to be a perfect fit for Northampton Community College’s needs. Our custom content fits seamlessly in the course. Our students are engaged with the material and successful in the course. Read this Case Study
Dr. Jennifer Bradley

Associate Professor, Northampton Community College

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