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Odigia makes it easy for faculty to adopt and teach with Open Educational Resources (OER), offering complete textbook replacements at up to 90% savings. OER courses in Odigia transform textbooks into interactive learning experiences, while providing additional tools to measure and promote better student engagement.

Check out our list of ready-to-use courses. Or, use our existing OER courses as a foundation to build your own!


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college_algebra  prealgebra  precalculus  calculus-v1  calculus-v2  calculus-v3  statistics  algebra_trigonometry  algebra-elementary  algebra-intermediate



anatomy_physiology  astronomy  concpets_biology  biology  microbiology  chemistry  Chmistry-Atoms-First  physics_AP  physics  university_physics-v1  university_physics-v2  university_physics-v3  biology-AP


Humanities & Social Sciences

american_government  principles_of_economics  macro_economics_AP  macro_economics  micro_economics_AP  micro_economics  psychology  sociology_2e  US_history  micro_economics_2e  Economics-2e  Macroeconomics2e-BookCard



micro_economics_AP  macro_economics_AP  physics_AP  biology-AP

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