College Success

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College Success Course Outline

Exploring College

Concepts Covered:

  • Why College?
  • The First Year of College Will Be an Experience
  • College Culture and Expectations
  • How Can This Book And This Course Help?

Knowing Yourself as a Learner

Concepts Covered:

  • The Power to Learn
  • The Motivated Learner
  • It’s All in the Mindset
  • Learning Styles
  • Personality Types and Learning
  • Applying What You Know about Learning
  • The Hidden Curriculum

Managing Your Time and Priorities

Concepts Covered:

  • The Benefits of Time Management
  • Time Management in College
  • Procrastination: The Enemy Within
  • How to Manage Time
  • Prioritization: Self-Management of What You Do and When You Do It
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Enhanced Strategies for Time

Planning Your Academic Pathways

Concepts Covered:

  • Defining Values and Setting Goals
  • Planning Your Degree Path
  • Making a Plan
  • Managing Change and the Unexpected

Reading and Notetaking

Concepts Covered:

  • The Nature and Types of Reading
  • Effective Reading Strategies
  • Taking Notes

Studying, Memory, and Test Taking

Concepts Covered:

  • Memory
  • Studying
  • Test Taking


Concepts Covered:

  • What Thinking Means
  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Metacognition
  • Information Literacy


Concepts Covered:

  • An Overview of Communication
  • Purpose of Communication
  • Communication and Technology
  • The Context of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective

Understanding Civility and Cultural Competence

Concepts Covered:

  • What Is Diversity, and Why Is Everybody Talking About It?
  • Categories of Diversity
  • Navigating the Diversity Landscape
  • Inclusivity and Civility: What Role Can I Play?

Understanding Financial Literacy

Concepts Covered:

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Savings, Expenses, and Budgeting
  • Banking and Emergency Funds
  • Credit Cards and Other Debt
  • Education Debt: Paying for College
  • Defending against Attack: Securing Your Identity and Accounts

Engaging in a Healthy Lifestyle

Concepts Covered:

  • Taking Care of Your Physical Health
  • Sleep
  • Taking Care of Your Emotional Health
  • Taking Care of Your Mental Health
  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  • Your Safety

Planning for Your Future

Concepts Covered:

  • Why Worry about a Career While I’m in College?
  • Your Map to Success: The Career Planning Cycle
  • Where Can You Go from Here?

About the book

College Success


College Success is a comprehensive and contemporary resource that serves First Year Experience, Student Success, and College Transition courses. Developed with the support of hundreds of faculty and coordinators, the book addresses the evolving challenges and opportunities of today’s diverse students. Engagement, self-analysis, personal responsibility, and student support are reflected throughout the material.

About the authors:

Senior Contributing Authors

Amy Baldwin, University of Central Arkansas

Contributing Authors

Lisa August, Canisius College
James Bennett, Herzing University
Sabrina Mathues, Brookdale Community College
Susan Monroe, Northern Virginia Community College
MJ O’Leary, WellnessMultiplied
Ann Pearson, San Jacinto College
Joshua Troesh, El Camino College
Margit Watts, University of Hawaii at Manoa

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