Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 

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Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Course Outline

An Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies: Grounding Theoretical Frameworks and Concepts

Concepts Covered:

  • Critical Introduction to the Field
  • Theorizing Lived Experiences
  • Identity Terms
  • Conceptualizing Structures of Power
  • Social Constructionism
  • Intersectionality

Challenging Binary Systems and Constructions of Difference

Concepts Covered:

  • Introduction: Binary Systems
  • The Sex/Gender/Sexuality System
  • Gender and Sex – Transgender and Intersex
  • Sexualities
  • Masculinities
  • Race
  • Class
  • Alternatives to Binary Systems

Institutions, Culture, and Structures

Concepts Covered:

  • Introduction: Institutions, Cultures, and Structures
  • The Family
  • Media
  • Medicine, Health, and Reproductive Justice
  • The State, Law, and the Prison System
  • Intersecting Institutions Case Study: The Struggle to End Gendered Violence and Violence Against Women

Gender and Work in the Global Economy

Concepts Covered:

  • Introduction: Gender and Work in the Global Economy
  • Gender and Work in the US
  • Gender and the US Welfare State
  • Transnational Production and Globalization
  • Racialized, Gendered, and Sexualized Labor in the Global Economy

Historical and Contemporary Feminist Social Movements

Concepts Covered:

  • Introduction: Feminist Movements
  • 19th Century Feminist Movements
  • Early to Late 20th Century Feminist Movements
  • Third Wave and Queer Feminist Movements

About the book

Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies


This textbook introduces key feminist concepts and analytical frameworks used in the interdisciplinary Women, Gender, Sexualities field. It unpacks the social construction of knowledge and categories of difference, processes and structures of power and inequality, with a focus on gendered labor in the global economy, and the historical development of feminist social movements. The book emphasizes feminist sociological approaches to analyzing structures of power, drawing heavily from empirical feminist research.

About the authors

Senior Contributing Authors

Miliann Kang, University of Massachusetts
Donovan Lessard
Laura Heston, University of Massachusetts
Sonny Nordmarken, University of Massachusetts

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