Introduction to Project Management

This comprehensive course, combined with Odigia’s Learning Tools, has everything you need to become a proactive team member with project management skills.

       This course includes:


audio & video lectures

case study activites


What will I learn?

Effectively Lead

Learn how to effectively lead a small project team.

Define Outcome and Scope

Learn how to define the project’s desired outcome and scope.

Assign Responsibilities

Learn how to assign responsibilities and create a simple project schedule.

Report Status

Learn how to gather and report status and action items.

Introduction to Project Management Course Outline


Project Management Overview

Scope the Project

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Set the Schedule

Assess Status & Progress

About the course

Introduction to Project Management 

This course covers the key activities of the project management process – identifying stakeholders, scoping the project, assigning roles and responsibilities, creating a simple schedule, and assessing project health. Invite project managers, team leaders, and team members to start building a culture around project management in your organization.

About the author:

Lisa-Ann Barnes

This course is created by Lisa-Ann Barnes, PMP, Project+ of IreeTec Incorporated, published by BluePontoon. Lisa-Ann is an experienced consultant and instructor passionate about improving how projects are managed – by organizations, teams, and individuals. She works with clients to build their project management capabilities through consulting, coaching, and training. She is also adjunct faculty at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies. Through her consulting and training, Lisa-Ann has trained over 2,500 project managers and team members in hundreds of organizations.

Lisa-Ann founded IreeTec Incorporated in 1994 and BluePontoon in 2018.

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