Making education more accessible, affordable, and engaging.

Odigia’s immersive teaching and learning experiences improve student engagement, outcomes, and retention, while helping them develop the skills necessary for success in today’s workplace.

Created to empower students, instructors, and content creators.

Different by Design. 


Learning is different for each of us. That’s why Odigia doesn’t simply digitize the one-size-fits-all learning experience.

Odigia goes beyond the textbook by providing instructors and students digital learning and teaching tools that were developed to enhance the way they:

access, modify, and engage with content,

collaborate with each other during the course,

track progress and understanding of content,

and ultimately apply knowledge.

Developing 21st Century Skills with Odigia:

Critical Thinking

Inquiry-based discovery encourages students to think about what they are learning on a deeper level. Creating connections promotes higher-level thinking by helping students apply knowledge and identify how major topics or concepts relate to each other.

Problem Solving

Students become active participants in their education, discovering the learning style and tools that work best for their individual needs. By engaging with the content in a variety of ways, students can become more resourceful and expand on their knowledge of key concepts.

Communication and Collaboration

Students are encouraged to interact and learn from one another. Odigia combines learning materials, discussions, and tools to create a familiar social experience for students.


Odigia uses game theory to motivate students, display progress, and encourage them to complete their assignments on time. Students can see exactly what activities they need to complete and compare their progress against the overall class, motivating them to manage their time so they don’t fall behind.

Analytics Made Easy.


Odigia’s powerful dashboard creates an unparalleled experience by providing instructors with the right amount of information to proactively meet the needs of their students.

Odigia’s clean and efficient interface minimizes confusion and maximizes productivity, letting instructors get back to what they do best: Teaching.

Quantitative Literacy & Introductory Statistics Case Study

Forsyth Technical Community College

Psychology Case Study

Northampton Community College

Psychology Case Study

Northampton Community College

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