eScience Labs: Chemistry Virtual Labs

The eScience Labs virtual lab solution, created specifically for college-level Chemistry, includes models, specimens, safety equipment, and more. This kit, combined with Odigia’s Teaching and Learning Tools, is everything you need to engage, collaborate, track, and assess your students.

 This course includes:

 Digital Learning and Teaching Tools

 Quality Virtual Labs

Customizable Assessments 

 The Benefits of eScience Labs + Odigia


Make It Yours

Customize the lab kit and assessments to fit the needs of your course and match your desired learning outcomes. 



Virtual Delivery

Labs are delivered virtually to your students, giving your students a successful lab experience wherever they are.





Prepare Students

Go beyond the traditional with digital learning and teaching tools that help prepare students for success in today’s workplace.



Boost Engagement

Create an immersive, engaging, and affordable distance learning experience. Can connect to your LMS or run independently.


eScience Labs: Chemistry Labs

Virtual Labs Available in Odigia:

  • Naming Ionic and Molecular Compounds
  • Functional Groups in Organic Chemistry
  • Atoms, Isotopes, and Molecular Mass
  • Introduction to Chemical Compounds
  • Introduction to the Periodic Table
  • Reaction Order and Rate Laws
  • Drawing Organic Compounds
  • pH of Common Materials
  • Math and Graphing Prep
  • Solutions and Dilutions
  • The Scientific Method
  • Acid-Base Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Limiting Reactants
  • Macromolecules
  • States of Matter
  • Enzyme Catalysis
  • Properties of Gas
  • Beer’s Law

 These labs have been combined with our comprehensive Chemistry content to create a complete digital learning experience for your students.

Science Interactive Group provides comprehensive, standard-aligned content and educational products, services, and software. Our vast assortment of innovative STEM-oriented products is designed to provide instructors with interactive, real-world applications that engage students and enhance outcomes. 

Odigia provides digital learning and teaching tools that enhance the way students and instructors access, modify, and engage with content, collaborate with each other during the course, track progress and understanding of content, and ultimately apply knowledge.

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