Case Study:


Northampton Community College

The Challenge

Pennsylvania community college instructor Dr. Jennifer Bradley repeatedly watched students struggle and/or refuse to purchase costly course materials.  As an innovator in education, Dr. Bradley began searching for a resource for her students that would reduce cost without compromising the quality of the course materials.  During her search for Open Education Resources [OER], Dr. Bradley found that most typical e-textbook solutions did not allow instructors the freedom to edit, rearrange, or enhance the content in order to make the course more engaging and personalized.

The Solution

Through our partnership with OpenStax, Odigia provided Dr. Bradley with an existing Open Education Resource (OER) courseware solution that included pre-existing content, 21st century teaching and learning tools, and a data analytics engine for analyzing content effectiveness. Dr. Bradley was able to easily modify and augment the existing OER content and align it with course objectives. In addition, once the modifications were completed, the whole department moved from using a copyright protected textbook priced at $135 to a $25 per student solution for all instructors.

Students have used
Odigia at Northampton Community College

Instructors have used
Odigia at Northampton Community College

I investigated a wide variety of options for the course, and I ultimately selected Odigia. I have been continuously impressed by its ease of use, for the course designer, instructors, and students. We were able to modify and enhance the OpenStax text to be a perfect fit for Northampton Community College’s needs. Our custom content fits seamlessly in the course. Our students are engaged with the material and successful in the course.

Dr. Jennifer Bradley

Associate Professor, Northampton Community College

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