Build the skills you need for today and tomorrow.

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so make sure their skills are current and practiced.  Odigia’s learning tools are designed to be easy and engaging while also emphasizing communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills that are crucial for your workforce.  Our team of instructional designers can help transform your content into a fully built out course that is tailored to achieve your outcomes.

With Odigia, you can also build content for your local community, empowering your future employees to build the skills your workforce will need.


“These kinds of arrangements add value for everyone involved. The employer wins by having steady access to candidates who are not only qualified, but whose skills have been customized to the demands of the position. The education partner benefits by being able to point to concrete job opportunities for its graduates, thus raising its competitive edge and helping recruit students. And those students ultimately receive an education that comes with real job prospects.”

John McKernan

Former Governor of Maine