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Get better outcomes.

Students report that Odigia’s tools and design philosophy of creating practical, engaging content focused on concrete outcomes, actually helps them “learn how to learn.” With Odigia’s real-time analytics, instructors are provided with robust individual and class performance data, highlighting areas of student weakness and strength and driving continuous improvement of their material.

Combined with Odigia’s ability to help learners make connections between ideas, foster crucial soft skill development, and support peer learning engagement, you’ve got yourself one heck of a set of learning tools. But maybe we’re a little biased.

Prior to the industrialization of American education, students learned at their own pace and in ways that inspired them to be creative and innovative problem solvers in any context. Online learning offers a path back toward that model. A model which will lead to the education of a new generation of independent, free-thinkers who can begin to solve the problems of the Information Age rather than to seek hopeless solutions to fixing an outdated system.

Dr. Justin Marquis

Professor, Dickinson University