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Change the way you think about education.

Odigia is building a better, more affordable learning platform for people all over the world by solving traditional challenges faced by students, teachers, and content creators.

Odigia for Students

Odigia fosters and encourages the development of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

Odigia for Teachers

Odigia empowers instructors, authors, and instructional designers to create, deliver, and measure engaging learning experiences that improve educational outcomes.

Odigia for Content Creators

Odigia enables content creators and instructional designers to quickly and easily create fully interactive courses for students at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

Different by design. 

Simple. Powerful. Engaging.

Courses built in Odigia transform traditional one-size-fits-all content into personalized learning experiences that improve student outcomes. Odigia’s intuitive teaching and learning tools are designed to drive engagement and collaboration, and to measure students’ performance.

Odigia leverages self-directed learning paths to accommodate many learning styles, game theory to drive student progression, inquiry-based content to naturally engage all learning styles, and high-level connections to promote the development of crucial critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. The result is students who are better prepared for success in today’s workplace.

A powerful technology platform.

Runs independently or with your existing LMS.

Odigia can be used independently or easily tied into your current LMS. Custom implementations with your organization’s logo, colors, and courses are also available.

Simplifies class management.

Odigia’s administrative interface makes enrollment, group creation, and course management easy and intuitive. And our authoring tools make course building a breeze – no more switching between menus, modules, and forms!

Works across all devices.

Odigia works on any HTML5 compatible device, including tablets and smartphones. No internal hardware or software is required.

Supports distance and classroom learners.

Odigia can be deployed in any learning environment and is ideal for flipped/blended classrooms as well as distance education.

What Makes Odigia work?

Interactive Game Theory 

Use game theory to promote learner engagement, measure progress, and inform peer-to-peer review.

Inquiry Based Discovery

Naturally engage all learning styles through questioning. Content concepts and essential questions integrate seamlessly with clear goals and opportunities to apply relevant skills and knowledge.

21st Century Skills

Encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills by creating connections and applying knowledge based on key questions and new ideas.

Self Directed Learning

Empower learners to focus on the areas most relevant to them, enabling them to engage how they learn best.

Read our exclusive whitepaper to learn how Odigia utilizes next generation learning principles to solve problems faced by today’s students and educators.

Improve student outcomes and reduce textbook costs by up to


Rising student costs are a major challenge facing higher education.

Odigia makes it easy for faculty to adopt and teach with Open Educational Resources (OER). OER represent an unprecedented opportunity to make education more affordable. OER courses in Odigia offer a complete textbook replacement with additional tools to measure and promote student engagement and outcomes.

A growing platform.

Calling all instructors: choose from our ever-growing list of complete, ready-to-use titles
or quickly and easily create your own courses and content. 

  • Prealgebra
  • College Algebra
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Concepts of Biology
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology

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