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Carolina Distance Learning: Physics Labs

The Carolina Distance Learning® lab kit, created specifically for college-level physics, includes materials, apparatus, safety equipment, and more. This kit, combined with Odigia’s Teaching and Learning Tools, is everything you need to engage, collaborate, track and assess your students.

Starting at $79.00 per student.

 This course includes:

 Digital Learning and Teaching Tools

 Effective Hands-On Lab Kits

Customizable Assessments 

 The Benefits of Carolina Distance Learning + Odigia

Make It Yours

Customize the lab kit and assessments to fit the needs of your course and match your desired learning outcomes. 

No Hassle Delivery

Kits are delivered directly to your students, at the time and price you need, giving your students a successful lab experience wherever they are.

Prepare Students

Go beyond the traditional with digital learning and teaching tools that help prepare students for success in today’s workplace.

Boost Engagement

Create an immersive, engaging, and affordable distance learning experience. Can connect to your LMS or run independently.

Carolina Distance Learning: Physics Labs

Lab Kits Available in Odigia:

Physics Mechanics Module - $60.00

During this lab, students will:

  • Centripetal Force
    • Describe the effect of mass on centripetal force
    • Calculate the velocity of an object in uniform circular motion
    • Calculate centripetal force
  • Kinematics
    • Explain linear motion for objects traveling with a constant velocity or constant acceleration
    • Use vector quantities such as displacement and acceleration, and scalar quantities such as distance and speed
    • Analyze graphs that depict the motion of objects moving at a constant velocity or constant acceleration
    • Analyze and predict the motion of objects moving at a constant velocity or constant acceleration
  • Momentum
    • Describe collisions between two dynamic carts of varying mass
    • Determine how differences in cart mass affect the collisions
    • Apply the law of conservation of momentum to collisions
  • Newton’s Second Law
    • Define force according to Newton’s second law of motion
    • Describe the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration through graphical analysis
    • Measure force, calculate weight, and relate it to the SI unit of force, the Newton (N)
  • Projectile Motion
    • Describe what factors affect the trajectory of a projectile
    • Explain how vectors are used to describe two-dimensional and projectile motion
    • Predict the trajectory of a horizontally launched projectile using vectors and kinematics equations

Sound and Resonance - $10.00

During this lab, students will:

  • Calculate the speed of sound in air at room temperature using sound resonance
  • Generate a standing wave and demonstrate the property of resonance

Refraction of Light - $0.00

During this lab, students will:

  • Explain how light bends as it passes from one medium to another
  • Apply Snell’s law and calculate the refractive index of water

Physics Electricity Module - $44.00

During this lab, students will:

  • Series and Parallel Circuits
    • Investigate series and parallel circuits
    • Apply the concepts of Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s rules
    • Develop an understanding of voltage, current, and resistance
  •  Magnetism
    • Investigate the properties of magnets
    • Describe the relationship between electricity and magnetism
    • Apply the principle of induction to simple electromagnetic devices (motor and speaker)

 Combine these labs with our comprehensive College Physics content to create a complete digital learning experience for your students.


I needed a customized lab kit that would flow seamlessly with the course content and the investigations needed to be easy for students to follow and complete.

Dr. Kelley Flaherty

Assistant Professor of Biology, Alderson-Broaddus University

Students have told me how much they enjoy doing the labs and how the labs help them learn the material and do well in the class.

Dr. Jennifer McCall

Lecturer of Biology & Marine Biology, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Carolina Distance Learning® develops and manufactures lab kits that are designed specifically for college-level distance education. These kits provide the same rigor, relevance, and results as traditional labs, giving your online students a successful lab experience wherever you are.

Odigia provides digital learning and teaching tools that enhance the way students and instructors access, modify, and engage with content, collaborate with each other during the course, track progress and understanding of content, and ultimately apply knowledge.

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